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Thanking Truck Drivers for Moving the World Forward One Delivery at a Time

Thanking Truck Drivers for Moving the World Forward One Delivery at a Time

Chances are if you have eaten a meal, shopped at a department store or watched your favorite television program with family and friends today, a truck driver had a hand in making it happen.

Across roadways large and small, truck drivers are responsible for delivering the goods that people use every day – everything from food and clothing to furniture and electronics.

Truck drivers, and the significant contribution they make to the national economies of two countries, will be on display as Canada and the U.S. pay tribute to the thousands of men and women who keep the trucking industry strong.

The celebration began Sunday, Sept. 4, and continues through Saturday, Sept. 10, in Canada with National Trucking Week sponsored by the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

It will be followed on Sunday, Sept. 11, through Saturday, Sept. 17, in the U.S. by National Truck Driver Appreciation Week sponsored by the American Trucking Associations.

Penske Logistics appreciates and recognizes the company’s more than 4,400 professional truck drivers who help keep the world moving forward.

“Thank you to all the drivers in the U.S. and Canada for everything you do to provide outstanding customer service in the safest and most efficient manner,” said Marc Althen, President, Penske Logistics.

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By Bernie Mixon