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E-commerce sales and online fulfillment have been growing steadily for years, and COVID-19 has only driven online shopping rates even higher, creating greater demand for final-mile home deliveries. A report from the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. said the shift to e-commerce will continue even after pandemic concerns lessen.

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The final mile is an area of competition within the overall portfolio of logistics services, and shippers are demanding innovative solutions and timely deliveries. To ensure success within the final mile, providers are utilizing route optimization, incentivized scheduling, and real-time electronic tracking and communication, all of which are moving products from the manufacturer to the end user faster than ever.

“E-commerce is having an effect on our customer base and we’re seeing a host of verticals focusing on omni-channel and the last mile. We’re able to support our customers with their needs in this area and creating the necessary supply chain, with one example being a pilot delivery program in the western part of the U.S.”

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