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A retail warehouse worker uses a forklift to move boxes in a warehouse.

Managing the Needs of Retail and Consumer Goods

Keeping customers happy and supply chains moving

Businesses in the consumer goods and retail industries face many challenges in today’s market, making a well-run fleet and supply chain more critical than ever. From the influx of new competing brands to the continued boom of e-commerce and the demand for fast, reliable shipping, companies must work to differentiate themselves while finding the right balance between success today and growth tomorrow.

For vehicle-related needs, there are several ways shippers can manage increased demand to ensure uninterrupted service. Short-term truck rentals can add capacity for surges or fill gaps in fleet needs while enabling companies to increase capacity without upfront costs. Whether you’re focused on getting products to market quickly, leaning into e-commerce fulfillment, meeting tight delivery windows, or reducing overall risk, the end goal is to keep customers happy and loyal. Penske can help you do that.

Managing the Complexities of Retail

Retail is a complex and demanding environment filled with seasonal surges, unexpected disruptions and unpredictable consumer buying behaviors, all of which are changing the way retailers market, sell and deliver products. Maintaining resiliency, flexibility and visibility are more critical than ever in helping businesses recover from disruptions.

From the manufacturing plant or warehouse to the store shelf or customer’s door, truck rental can help you get your retail products where they need to go. If your fleet needs one truck or several, Penske provides flexible rental options. Our light-duty box and cabover trucks include a rear roll-up door, cargo tie rails, a translucent roof and interior lighting, anti-lock brakes and a payload of up to 4,300 and 7,200 lbs. respectively. In addition, our light-duty vehicles offer easy maneuverability both in and out of the city. Whether you’re looking to solve the last mile problem or simply deliver goods to a big box store, we offer innovative solutions and plenty of options tailored to your fleet.

Overseeing the Needs of Consumer Goods

Consumer goods, more commonly known as consumer packaged goods (CPG), is a broader term encompassing the development, production, marketing and selling of products targeted at consumers. CPG falls earlier in the supply chain and is typically involved at the wholesale level, manufacturing the products that sit on the shelves of retail stores.

If you’re requiring more space to transport CPG goods from one stage of your supply chain to the next, a medium-duty truck may be the solution. With both CDL and non-CDL vehicle options that range from 22 to 26 feet and include a payload of up to 17,000 lbs., our medium-duty box trucks give you options. And if you happen to be moving temperature-sensitive food and beverage products, we have trucks for that too.

Overcoming Industry Obstacles

As a retail or consumer goods company, you invest time and energy into meeting demands, improving the customer experience, and staying competitive in a constantly shifting retail environment. To manage these obstacles, every stage of the supply chain must be executed seamlessly. And to help you stay on track, Penske offers transportation solutions to keep your business resilient and ready to handle any disruptions.