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Think Twice Before Hauling Hazardous Cargo in a Rental Truck

Think Twice Before Hauling Hazardous Cargo in a Rental Truck

Summer is a popular time for household and business moves, and with Fourth of July rapidly approaching, it’s important to note that Penske prohibits carrying or hauling hazardous cargo, like fireworks, into any of their rental trucks.

“Hauling any kind of hazardous cargo can put the driver and others sharing the road at serious risk and should be avoided,” said Barry Kemper, Penske’s vice president of insurance risk management.

Fireworks – considered a Class 1 hazardous material by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration – is not the only thing truck drivers should stay away from loading onto their vehicles. Penske advises movers to avoid other hazardous items, including propane tanks, paint thinners, pesticides, fertilizer, charcoal and lighter fluid.

A truck is an enclosed space, and during the summer months especially, the inside can reach high temperatures. This can be a dangerous combination if you are transporting any of those items. There are federal regulations that apply to operators of rental trucks regarding the transportation of hazardous materials.

If you have general questions about what you are allowed to pack into your moving truck, contact a Penske moving advisor.

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By Chris Abruzzo