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Penske Truck Rental Helps Fleets Deliver During the Holidays

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Penske Truck Rental Helps Fleets Deliver During the Holidays

Retailers are expecting a record number of holiday shoppers on Thanksgiving weekend placing parcel delivery companies in the spotlight to meet consumers' holiday expectations.

Explosive e-commerce growth during the pandemic coupled with last-mile deliveries has made it necessary for fleet managers to turn to companies like Penske Truck Rental for additional equipment.

Penske, which has one of the largest rental fleets in North America, works with parcel delivery companies throughout the year to anticipate rental truck needs heading into the holiday season.

"We meet with our providers and vendors in the first quarter of the year to evaluate the previous year. And then, we meet several times throughout the year to discuss preparations for the upcoming holiday package season. We have a great working relationship with the delivery companies and value our partnership." said Jeff Werner, director of commercial rental sales for Penske Truck Rental.

Chances are during peak holiday delivery periods a Penske rental truck will be there to help your favorite parcel company deliver during the holidays.

Holiday Shopping List

The National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts holiday sales in November and December will increase to between $843.3 billion and $859 billion, an increase over 2020. Consumers are expected to spend an average of $997.73 during the holidays.

The holiday shopping period – Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday – will feature nearly 2 million more shoppers than last year, according to the results of a survey by the NRF and Prosper Insights & Analytics.

"We're expecting another record-breaking holiday season this year, and Thanksgiving weekend will play a major role as it always has," said Matthew Shay NRF president and CEO.

Two-thirds of holiday shoppers surveyed plan to shop on Thanksgiving weekend, with more than 30 million planning to shop in-store or online on Thanksgiving Day.

Black Friday remains the most popular shopping day with 108 million consumers planning to make purchases followed by Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday.

Meeting the Need

In previous years, late October and November have been months when rental truck requests from parcel carriers and others would start to increase. This year, the increase has occurred much sooner.

"Customers are purchasing items earlier to ensure they have them for the holiday season, which is causing the delivery companies to pick-up the trucks earlier than in past years. This will also ensure they have the necessary equipment for the last-minute holiday rush."

In addition to parcel delivery companies, Penske also supports the needs of small and medium-sized businesses that experience similar spikes in holiday demand.

"There are businesses (large and small), that are in need of extra equipment over the holiday season." Werner said. "With Penske's large fleet, we are able to work with the customers to provide equipment."

Penske draws on years of holiday rental demand experience to balance the needs of large parcel carriers and regional and local businesses. "Our teams are working hard to ensure there is equipment available for every type of business," Werner said.

While the holiday shopping season is in full swing, Werner advises businesses seeking rental trucks to act now.

"We constantly have new trucks coming in and customers returning trucks, so there is constantly an inventory turn around," Werner said. "Our teams do a great job of positioning equipment to take care of all of our customers."

Preparation is key.

"Customers need to plan ahead and give us a call at the earliest time they think they will need equipment," Werner said.

Penske offers a wide variety of rental trucks from large commercial semi-tractors and trailers to small box trucks. Penske encourages retailers and businesses to make reservations by calling its hotline for business rentals, 1-800-PENSKE1.

By Bernie Mixon