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Drew Cullen, Penske Truck Leasing's vice president of fuels and environmental affairs was among the industry experts appearing on a recent March 26 Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo webinar titledAlternative Fuel Vehicle Fleet Leasing.Watch replay here. Topics discussed on the webinar included selecting the proper mix of alternative fuel vehicles, refueling and infrastructure, best fleet maintenance practices for alternative fueled vehicles such as natural gas trucks, and other aspects of evaluating and using alternative fueled vehicles in commercial fleet applications. Penske Truck Leasing is a major sponsor of this year's ACT Expo that will be held May 5-8 in Long Beach, Calif.

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Taking that first step to introducing natural gas vehicles (NGVs) into a company’s truck fleet is by no means an easy decision with myriad dynamics to analyze when taking that next step.

“Natural gas vehicles have a growing place in the transportation industry,” explained Drew Cullen, Penske’s vice president of fuels and telecommunications. “Incorporating these vehicles into a fleet can contribute to sustainability goals because they run on cleaner burning fuel and the support infrastructure from a fueling and maintenance standpoint is growing rapidly.”

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