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“Updater” Website Makes Moving Easy

“Updater” Website Makes Moving Easy

Penske Truck Rental has a vast assortment ofmoving options designed to help make your next move easy. Updater is one friend you should definitely check out because it makes moving tasks like changing your address a real breeze.

Updater is a popular change of address service and the online home for people who are moving. With Updater, new movers are able to organize, manage and complete a variety of moving tasks – from changing their address, to arranging for cable and internet service in their new home, to even reserving a Penske moving truck.

Movers can sign up for a free Updater account at any time. Once an account is created, a user is treated to his or her own personalized Smooth Move – an all-in-one checklist, organizer, and personal concierge for streamlining the moving process. For most users, the first step in their Smooth Move is filing a USPS Change of Address form, which is entirely free when ordered through Updater.

Updater not only notifies the USPS, but also allows users to directly update any businesses or organizations that send them mail by selecting from an extensive database of catalogs, magazines, newspapers, alumni associations, charities and more. Other items in the Smooth Move include a stylized moving announcement for friends and family, a step-by-step guide to updating records at the DMV, and new-mover exclusive offers from a variety of relationships who focus on offering products and services to people who are moving.

Remember – a prepared mover is a happy mover, so be sure to check out Updater as soon as you’ve made the decision to move. Check out Updater's Ten Commandments of Moving, too.


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