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2023 Top Moving Destinations

Penske Truck Rental’s Top 10 Moving Destinations of 2023 Revealed

Each year, Penske Truck Rental reveals the top 10 cities that people are moving to, based on one-way truck rental data. This year’s Top Moving Destinations list features a new addition and one surprising departure on the 14th annual list.

Beyond where people are moving, Penske also wanted to better understand why people are moving.Penske also released the results of a national consumer survey, Settling In: A Consumer Moving Trends Survey, which unveils new findings about people’s reasons for moving and the importance of establishing a sense of community in their new places of residence.

Map of the USA highlighting the Top 10 Moving Destinations with colorful illustrations of location highlights.

The 2023 Top Moving Destinations (previous year ranking) list includes:

  1. Houston, Texas (1)
  2. San Antonio, Texas (9)
  3. Charlotte, N.C. (6)
  4. Atlanta, Ga. (5)
  5. Las Vegas, Nev. (2)
  6. Dallas, Texas (7)
  7. Orlando, Fla. (3)
  8. Austin, Texas (10)
  9. Tampa, Fla. (New! Has not ranked since the 2020 list)
  10. Jacksonville, Fla. (8)

For the third year in a row, Houston maintained its position as the top moving destination, closely followed by San Antonio, which moved up from its ranking of 9th last year. Florida gained new representation on this year’s list with the addition of Tampa, which has not ranked since 2020. Since the list’s inception in 2010, Texas and Florida have maintained representation, while Midwestern states have since phased out.

After 13 years on the list, this is the first year Phoenix, Arizona has not ranked on the Top Moving Destinations list. Last year, Phoenix ranked fourth, making this departure surprising as we see the southeast migration trend continue year-over-year.

Why People are Moving

The survey asked individuals to reflect on their decisions to move and how they adapted to their new city to understand how relocating plays a role in feelings of happiness. Respondents appear optimistic about their decision to relocate with 73% indicating that they are happier in their new town compared to their previous place of residence.

Proximity to family (34%), lower cost of living (32%) and desire for more space (27%) were the biggest reasons that people were compelled to move over the past five years. Employment was a key driver of relocation to the top 10 moving destinations. Respondents from Nevada (40%), North Carolina (37%) and Georgia (39%) indicated that better job opportunities prompted their decisions to move.

Notably, when moving 57% of people prefer to rent their own moving truck and only 24% said they would rather hire a moving company. Luckily for us, we know moving!

Yellow bar graph showcasing decisions to move.

Settling In New Cities

The survey found that 32% of people who recently moved were most challenged by adjusting to their new neighborhood during their move, but establishing a consistent routine helped them acclimate, according to 72% of respondents. Further, people are eager to become active with their new cities, as 88% say that feeling a sense of community where they live is important.

As many people plan to move in the summer months, the survey highlights activities that helped people build a sense of community and acclimate to their new cities. The top activities include exploring new restaurants and shops (57%), meeting neighbors (48%), discovering new parks and outdoor spaces (47%) and participating in local events (35%).

Blue bar graph showcasing what helped people settle into their new locations.

Move and Groove

To help people discover the rhythm of their new cities, Penske has released a new curated Spotify® playlist to set the tone for new beginnings. From packing to driving to your new home or meeting the neighbors, Penske has playlists to support every step of the moving experience.

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Top Moving Destinations Methodology

For the past 14 years, Penske Truck Rental has been compiling this list using analysis of one-way consumer truck rental reservations made via the company's website, calls to its 1-800-GO-PENSKE call center and through one-way reservations made at Penske's over 2,500 truck rental locations.

Settling In: A Consumer Moving Trends Survey Methodology

The Moving Trends Survey was conducted via a survey fielded online by Big Village among a sample of 437 U.S. adults 18 years of age and older who have moved to a new city or town in the past five years with an oversample of residents of Florida, Georgia, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina and Texas. This survey was live on March 27-April 2, 2024.