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Keep Your Dog Safe When Moving

Keep Your Dog Safe When Moving

During a move, your four-legged friends are just as precious as your belongings. That’s whyPenske has teamed with Kurgo to keep dogs safely secured with a harness while traveling in a Penske rental truck.

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Kurgo sells a variety of dog harnesses, as well as other innovative dog products, including car seat protectors, booster seats, leashes, collars, carriers and beds.

"Kurgo is pleased to work with Penske to help educate customers on the move about pet travel safety, as well as tips on moving with a pet," said Gordie Spater, President and Co-Founder of Kurgo Products. "We seek to work with world-class organizations, and Penske is certainly one of them."

According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, 36.5 percent of U.S. households own dogs, with the total U.S. dog population reaching almost 70 million. In 2012, the American Pet Products Association estimated that 11 million Americans relocate every year with their pets, primarily dogs and cats.

Kurgo offers these tips to make a move less stressful for both pets and their owners:

Preparation for Moving

Pick the Right Surroundings

• Walk around the neighborhood to determine whether the area seems safe for your pets. See if there are nearby dog parks, hiking trails or activity areas.

Identification and Microchips

• Make sure your dog has a current tag with your contact information. With all the chaos and extra nerves, many pets can be frightened and run off.

• Consider microchip technology – a chip placed under your dog’s skin that contains all his contact information. This popular device can retrieve your information in minutes.

• Look into new collar technologies that provide GPS tracking for your pet right on your PC.

Pet Comfort with Travel

• Create a comfortable environment for your pet while traveling to your new home to reduce stress. First, decide how you will transport your pet. Dogs should be restrained or contained during car travel to prevent them from getting into the front seat and causing distracted driving accidents. Smaller dogs do well in pet crates or pet carriers, while medium and large dogs seem to prefer a dog harness with seat belt.

• Familiarize your pup with the travel mode before your move. For example, if you plan to use a dog car harness and seat belt, you should place the harness on your pup every day for walking or playing around the house, so he gets comfortable with it. Before the big move, take your dog on short car rides while being restrained.

Medication and New Vets

• Keep any pet medications on hand and familiarize yourself with the emergency pet hospitals along your route.

• Before you leave the area, be sure to get a copy of all medical records for your pet, including vaccination records. Find a new veterinarian through your current veterinarian or a website like

On Moving Day

• Be sure that your pet remains in a safe area that limits their exposure to heavy traffic in and out of the home and the flurry of heavy objects.

• Once everything is loaded, make sure your pet is properly restrained or contained in your truck or car. Be sure to bring an adequate amount of food, water and medication for the trip. Be sure to regularly hydrate your dog with water. Take frequent breaks on the drive to reduce your pet’s stress.

Introduction to a New Environment: A Brave New World

• Carefully establish a “pet HQ” for your pet in your new home where it can be carefully contained in a comfortable environment and be monitored easily. Place toys, bedding and other favorite items in the area.

• After everything has been moved in and organized, introduce them to their new environment one room at a time, ending with the area planned out and set up for their bedding. This progression allows them to feel comfortable with their new environment while clearly establishing their new sleeping area.

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By Kandace Wertz