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5 Rookie Mistakes DIY Movers Make

5 Rookie Mistakes DIY Movers Make

Planning makes perfect, right? Well, sometimes even the best-laid plans can go awry on moving day. The experts at Penske Truck Rental want you to avoid common sense errors that can wreak havoc on your moving strategy.

To keep your moving day running smooth, take note of these moving mistakes and avoid falling victim.

  1. Reserve your truck early. The truck rental process varies greatly from the rental car process. Due to supply and demand, there are fewer rental trucks available. The best way to guarantee a truck on your moving day is to make a reservation as soon as you confirm a move date. Keep in mind that end of month weekends are a popular move time because of terminating apartment leases and home settlements.
  2. Make sure you reserve the correct size truck. Far too often, the DIY mover under or over estimates the size truck they need for their possessions. Penske provides a great solution for determining the right size rental truck for all your belongings: The Truck Wizard. The web application presents you with a checklist of items broken down by room or area of your home. Based on your selections, a truck size is recommended.
  3. Don’t skip the furniture pads. Yes, you save money when skipping those extra furniture pads. But in the end, it’s more expensive to replace a television broken during a move than to tack on a few protective pads to your order. Visit our moving supplies page to secure furniture pads and other moving essentials.
  4. Don’t wait until the last minute to pack. We’ve all done it; left a few items for the end that seem easy to throw into an extra box or two. Inevitably, those items add up, and we’re left frantically finding space for the odds and ends we’ve left unpacked. Do yourself a favor and avoid the last-minute panic and pack everything in advance.
  5. Check your insurance coverage. Periodically, our renters find that their automobile insurance policy covers them for rental cars, but not rental trucks. It’s recommended that you call your insurance provider to check coverage. If you aren’t covered, you can explore Penske’s coverage options.

By Kim Harmsen