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Rising Pump Prices Fuel More Gas and Diesel Thefts

Rising Pump Prices Fuel More Gas and Diesel Thefts

Rising fuel prices for gasoline and diesel have made consumer and commercial trucks easy targets for crooks looking to steal fuel. One recent media report from Hickory, N.C. noted that over 400 gallons of gas, valued at nearly $2,000, were pilfered from the parked trucks of area businesses.

Professional truck drivers and even consumer truck rental drivers in the process of moving should both take note of this trend – especially as both gasoline and diesel prices are forecasted to remain at or near record highs. Penske experts Drew Parenti, vice president of security, and Ray Zale, security manager, are offering truck fleets of all sizes several handy tips to combat theft not only fuel theft, but the stealing of valuable truck tires, catalytic converters or other truck parts.

  • Ensure your location’s truck lots are well-lit
  • Trim any vegetation back five to 10 feet on the outside of the lot’s fence line
  • Always lock access gates, and use case-hardened locks when not in operation
  • Avoid leaving trucks in unsecure locations during times of closure for prolonged periods of time
  • If outside storage sheds are used at your facility ensure the doors are locked; possibly block the access doors with a parked truck
  • When parking trucks that have brand-new tires, park them with vehicles tightly together to reduce access to both the tires and fuel tanks
  • Always secure the cargo area and lock the cab of your vehicle
  • Park your truck in well-lit areas whenever possible

“It is important to take logical defensive precautions,” stated Parenti, who joined Penske last November following 26 years in the FBI, where he was most recently special agent in charge of the bureau’s Sacramento, Calif. office. “Thieves in this business are professionals, and they’re seeking to take items and resell them to interested buyers.”

By Alen Beljin