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Preventive Maintenance Drives Fleet Compliance and Reliability

Preventive Maintenance Drives Fleet Compliance and Reliability

By definition,preventive maintenance is the process of proactively performing services on a vehicle in an effort to detect problems in advance. A preventive maintenance program is a series of services performed throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle according to a time-based or predictive schedule.

A well-designed preventive maintenance program offers resounding benefits including reduced costs per mile, advanced identification of premature failures, increased service life and enhanced customer satisfaction. In fact, the value of preventive maintenance in reducing operating costs could mitigate the effects of other adverse variables like rising fuel prices.

At Penske, preventive maintenance is the foundation of everything we do for fleets. A regularly scheduled inspection of more than 100 check points ensures all major systems are functioning properly including brakes, tires, electrical, drivetrain and chassis.

Preventive maintenance actions include everything from oil and filter changes to vehicle inspection and even road testing. With state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, our technicians conduct component analysis to improve vehicle performance and dependability. Repairs are performed efficiently to keep you on the road and control costs. And we take care of all federal and state inspections.

Penske offers a flexible preventive maintenance program that includes:

  • Designated preventive maintenance intervals scheduled at your convenience
  • High-quality OEM-spec’d supplies and parts
  • Oil and coolant analysis at every preventive maintenance service
  • Extensive in-house and dedicated training of technicians
  • Reliable, efficient repairs using diagnostic technology
  • Six Sigma quality measures that improve vehicle performance and dependability

As you review your fleet maintenance costs and develop future cost reduction strategies, be sure to consider the value of a preventive maintenance program. Click here to learn more about Penske’s contract maintenance services.

ByKathleen Walter