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Penske Truck Leasing Program Helps Truck Fleets Manage Fuel Costs

The good news for the trucking industry and truck fleet owners and operators is the U.S. Energy Information Administration recently revised its forecast for diesel prices down. But, if you have operated a truck fleet over the last few years you know all too well low prices just don’t seem to last. When prices snap back it hurts your bottom line. Take a strategic approach now to gain greater control over your fleet’s complete fuel management with Penske Truck Leasing’s comprehensive program. Watch this video to learn more.

A Comprehensive Fuel Management Strategy

For motor carriers, fuel is often the second-highest budget item and for some companies it can threaten to surpass personnel costs when prices at the pump spike unexpectedly. Penske Truck Leasing can help optimize virtually every aspect of your business truck fleet with a comprehensive fuel management strategy. Our approach addresses seven key areas and our experts, programs and technologies can help you:

  • Select and spec the right vehicles for the types of loads you are hauling
  • Establish an aggressive preventive maintenance program
  • Set optimal engine controls for peak fuel performance
  • Train your truck drivers to improve on-road performance with fuel-saving techniques
  • Measure equipment and truck driver performance
  • Source and provide access to quality, low-cost fuel nationwide
  • Know when to replace a vehicle for optimal fuel performance

Contact Penske Truck Leasing today at 1-888-543-0858 to discuss your fleet’s fuel needs.

By “Move Ahead” Staff