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Penske Truck Leasing Introduces New Fuel Card Program

Penske Truck Leasing Introduces New Fuel Card Program

Penske Truck Leasing is currently implementing a new fuel card program, designed to provide our fuel card customers with improved security, visibility and controls. The new fuel card program operates through a secure website and enables your company’s designated administrator to:

  • Secure fuel cards with Employee Number (e.g. PIN) validation at the point of sale
  • Set spending and fueling limits
  • Quickly activate or deactivate cards

As a result of this new fuel card program, all existing Penske fuel cards will be deactivated and rendered unusable effective July 31, 2011. It is important that all of our fuel card customers transition to the new fuel card program.

Penske is asking all fuel card customers to complete and return the Fuel Card Acknowledgement form and the Fuel Card Administrator form(s) as soon as possible. Your designated Penske sales representative has these forms. Please contact your representative if you have not already received these forms. You will need to complete them in order to authorize your new fuel cards.

If you need more information please contact your designated Penske sales representative.

By Kathleen Walter