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Penske Increases Bulk DEF Offerings at U.S. Fueling Facilities

Penske Increases Bulk DEF Offerings at U.S. Fueling Facilities

Following the addition of 19,000 new medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks this year equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology,Penske Truck Leasing is expanding its bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) availability at 370 of its major U.S. fueling sites.

These facilities will now house 330-gallon to 2,000-gallon DEF on-island systems. DEF is available in non-bulk quantities at other Penske locations across North America.

“We’ve made this investment to ensure that our customers have easy access to the bulk quantities of DEF they need,” explained Jennifer Sockel, Penske’s vice president of administration. At this time, work has been completed at over 100 locations.

The Reading, Pa.-based company noted in a statement that it expects to complete the effort by early next year. At the start of 2011, Penske’s SCR truck fleet numbered more than 6,000.

“Providing an on-island solution at major Penske U.S. facilities will improve the customer experience,” stated Mike Hasinec, Penske vice president of maintenance systems and support. “A new point-of-sale system will further provide Penske’s customers with detailed information on the amount of fuel and DEF that is consumed.”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has mandated that 2010 emission technology requirements be phased in for truck fleets over the next several years.

DEF is vital to the operation of 2010 trucks utilizing SCR technology. It works to greatly reduce Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx). Less NOx translates to a truck’s exhaust being cleaner and less harmful to the environment. DEF is a non-toxic agent that works to cleanse the NOx chemicals coursing through commercial medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks.

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By Alen Beljin