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A farmer loads a box of apples onto a truck.

Farming Solutions

How farmers can leverage commercial rental trucks

Farming is a multifaceted industry, and the timely and efficient movement of goods is crucial to its success. Whether it’s transporting crops, equipment or supplies, rental trucks can play a pivotal role in streamlining operations. If you’re part of the farming community or engaged in related agricultural activities, here are some ways to benefit from commercial rental trucks.

Harvest Hauling and Distribution

Every farmer knows the importance of timely harvests. Utilizing a reliable rental truck can expedite the transportation of freshly harvested crops from the fields to storage or distribution centers. Consider a 16 foot box truck for versatility and 800 cu. ft. of loading space, allowing you to transport a variety of crops and up to 250 medium boxes or 16 pallets efficiently.

Temperature-Controlled Transport for Perishables

For farms dealing with perishables, a refrigerated commercial truck is invaluable. It ensures that fruits, vegetables and other perishable items stay fresh and reach their destination in optimal condition. Penske offers refrigerated trucks in various sizes, from 16 foot cabover trucks to 53 foot trailers, that can maintain precise temperature control during transit.

Moving Equipment and Supplies

Whether it’s small farming equipment, fencing or other agricultural necessities, a heavy-duty tractor-trailer with ample loading space and the ability to pull up to 80,000 lb. of gross combined weight can simplify transportation. Additionally, an 18 to 22 foot step van with shelves offers organized and efficient storage for transporting fertilizers, seeds and other supplies.

Farmers Market Logistics

A well-organized transportation strategy is essential if you’re a local farmer selling your produce at farmers markets or supplying to grocery stores. Consider a 12 foot box truck that fits up to 120 medium boxes for smaller loads or a 22 to 26 foot box truck that can carry up to 10,000 lb. for larger quantities. Penske’s liftgate/ramp feature makes unloading and setting up at markets a breeze.

Seasonal Workload Support

During peak seasons or when facing unexpected surges in demand, rental trucks provide a flexible solution for the farming industry, allowing the ability to quickly scale up or down to meet transportation requirements. Penske’s range of truck sizes and styles, from cargo vans to flatbed trucks and more, offers tailored options so farmers can optimize efficiency, reduce costs and ensure the smooth flow of products.