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Penske Logistics Sustainability Efforts Recognized as High Performer by U.S. EPA SmartWay Program

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay program has named Penske Logistics a 2023 High Performer among mixed truck carriers in the carbon recognition category. Less than 10% of eligible fleets qualify for this designation.

SmartWay Partners like Penske Logistics annually submit efficiency and air quality performance data to the EPA. The SmartWay program noted that a High Performer such as Penske Logistics consumes less fuel for every mile traveled and for every ton of freight that is moved.

As the EPA explained it, Penske Logistics is among a select group of companies that “are a step ahead in meeting the challenges of sustainable goods movement. These leaders represent all types of SmartWay Partners, including shippers, truck carriers and logistics service providers.”

By “Move Ahead” Staff