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Family walking away from a moving truck carrying boxes.

Tips to Pack Fun into Your Summer Move

With the hottest days of summer yet to come — and your moving day fast approaching — there’s vital planning ahead for the ride in your Penske rental truck to your new destination.

You’ve booked your Penske truck and selected your moving date, but now you must determine how you’ll spend your time and pitstops on your road trip to your new home. No matter how long or short the drive is, we have you covered with some tips for all ages and groups to tackle the big moving day.

Riding Solo

Whether it’s the first time you’re moving out by yourself or beginning a new chapter on your own — we want you to look forward to your move. We understand that an independent move can ignite a bundle of excitement and nerves, so here are a few suggestions to fill the time on the road:

  • Call your loved ones to say hello, or that friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with for far too long — with no one else in the car to bother, you truly have no excuse now. Be sure to use a hands-free device for your safety and to adhere to certain state laws.
  • Try a new podcast — there’s no better time to start a new podcast than with miles of the road ahead of you.
  • Cozy up behind the wheel with a good audiobook (or two, or a whole series if you’re traveling a further distance). It’s a perfect time for those who are busy 24/7 to get back to “reading.”

Family Fun

A new house marks a fresh start for each family member, so everyone might be feeling a little different about what they’re leaving behind and what’s to come. Ease into your family’s new beginning with some entertainment for all ages.

  • Any set amount of time on the road calls for some good old game time! Some of our favorites include the License Plate Game, iSpy, 20 Questions and the ABC Game — plus more we recommend here! To ensure interest among your older children, add stakes to the game — maybe a small gift card or a toy for the young children. The prize doesn’t have to be monetary either — a chance to “take the aux,” because what child doesn't get tired of listening to Mom and Dad’s music?
  • Enjoy some classic nap time (for the passengers, of course). Let’s face it — everyone of all ages enjoys a nice nap to feel well-rested. A bonus is the blissful sounds of sweet silence for the driver and/or other passengers.

Adventuring with Your Partner:

Maybe it’s the first time moving in together or you’re just itching for a new experience in a different city — a move with your significant other is perfect for spending quality time together. Treat the road trip — no matter how short or far — as a date for you and your partner. Experiences always make for the best memories together, so pick an activity or place along the way to visit. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Take a stop at one of the U.S. National Parks, found across the country in 30 states, including some of our favorites here. If not, you can explore other breathtaking state parks and observatories — the perfect opportunity to break up your drive with a hike and stunning views.
  • What better way to look forward to a road trip together than to cross off visiting a bucket list city on your way? Before you leave for your move, determine a city together, and detour off the nearest exit for a city tour.
  • Look ahead and discover a museum or historical site en route as a pit stop on your way. Every state has endless options.

Some Tips for Everyone:

  • Stock up on water and all your favorite hydration items (maybe some caffeine for the longer drives), and of course, road trip snacks are a must!
  • Whether you’re by yourself or have whole gang with you, make sure to curate road trip playlists beforehand. Check out our Penske Spotify playlists here for inspiration.
  • If you’re in a car following your Penske truck, switch up who’s the driver, riding shotgun, the backseat, etc. This is crucial, especially for those with longer drives. Stretch out your legs and take turns on who's in charge of directions too.
  • Aside from stopping for a meal, take the time to stop for a cold sweet treat for a truly sweat-free move. Nothing’s more refreshing than a pitstop for ice cream, frozen yogurt or whatever your heart desires.

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By Catie Mannato