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Improving Your Move with Social Media

Improving Your Move with Social Media

Completing a move can be a stressful experience. Fears about cost or mechanical issues can run rampant. Luckily, there are a plethora of tools available to help ease your mind and take much of the stress out of your move. In the past few years, social media has emerged as an invaluable source of knowledge and reassurance for the anxious mover.

With its rise in popularity, social media can also become difficult to navigate. Here are some tips designed to help use it to your advantage.

Research your new home. Researching your new home is always a good idea, and social media makes that process even easier. You can search names of local businesses and schools, and more importantly, see the thoughts and opinions of your new neighbors. Web services like Trulia are a good place to start, but once you start combing through what people are actually saying about your new place of residence, you will start to develop a much clearer picture.

People who have already moved. One of the great things about using social media is the ease of use. With current technology, anyone can participate at any time. Use this to your advantage. Search blogs and forums online by using a keyword search. Odds are, someone has made a similar move to yours and has posted their thoughts. Was it expensive? How long did it take? Feel free to reach out and ask these questions – the answers are out there.

Check out social networks. Services like Facebook and Twitter have millions of users, many of which have experience moving. Do a simple keyword search to see what people are saying. What problems are they having? What are they enjoying? Social networks are great places to answer these questions. These social networks have dedicated groups that address your specific concerns.

When you have a problem. In the rare event that a problem arises on your move, social media is often the quickest way to get assistance. For example, Penske can be reached directly on Facebook or Twitter. If you have a smartphone, you can reach out at a moment’s notice and get a response just as quickly. Now you can get quick answers straight from the source.

Moving can be an experience filled with doubt and concern. Social media is a huge resource, and it’s growing larger every day. Using the strategies outlined here can make your move an adventure rather than a burden.

By Tony Kozuch