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Prepare Now for Future Surges

Plan ahead by securing short-term rentals now to manage seasonal supply chain surges

The supply chain never stops, with ups and downs depending on the season. This uncertainty means planning ahead to meet potential additional demands and avoid transportation equipment shortages is a necessity.

So how can you prepare for potential seasonal surges and ensure you have the truck you need when you need it? Luckily, the experts at Penske are here to discuss a few options that will help keep you flexible and ready to meet market demands.

Reserve Your Rental Truck Early

The most efficient way to avoid any trucking issues is to reserve early. If you think you may need additional truck capacity or your business is anticipating a possible upcoming surge, reserve your rental now. With cargo vans, light-duty trucks and medium-duty trucks more readily available, now is the perfect time to make a rental reservation — your customers will thank you for planning ahead.

What If I Didn't Plan Ahead?

If you're having trouble finding an available truck rental, Penske's team of experts can help your business face this unforeseen surge. With several options to help, such as short-term commercial rentals, longer-term truck leases, used truck purchases, freight brokerage and dedicated contract carriage support, Penske can help you gain the capacity you need to make your end-of-year deliveries.

If your business might be managing supply chain surges or anticipates an upcoming increase in demand, gain peace of mind by reserving a rental truck today. With your delivery and transportation needs covered, you'll be able to focus on other important aspects of your business.