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Recruiting Scam Alert

Recruiting Scam Alert

Online employment scams have become more frequent and prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Job seekers should be on alert for these online scams when job hunting online.

Recruiting scams are increasingly circulating online via email, social media, and through various websites as noted by the Federal Trade Commission's job scams advice webpage.

Penske has recently become aware that criminals are using its name, branding, false but realistic-looking websites, look-alike email addresses, posing as employees, and even creating online job listings on various employment websites and mobile apps as a part of employment recruiting scams.

These scams may appear professional and legitimate; however, they are neither legitimate nor affiliated with Penske in any way.

Prospective applicants should carefully research the legitimacy of any unsolicited recruiting communications that appear to come from Penske or any other employer to help stop fraud and avoid falling victim to such online scams.

Be Suspicious If …

  • You are contacted by someone claiming to be a Penske associate asking you to formally interview for a position before completing an application
  • You are contacted by someone claiming to be a Penske associate asking you to purchase equipment
  • You haven't applied for a job with Penske but receive an offer of employment
  • You receive any unsolicited employment offers and/or unsolicited employment contracts from Penske
  • There are misspellings or poor grammar in the communication
  • Anything seems even slightly out of place on the website, paperwork or letterhead
  • You receive employment offers or communications from non-Penske email addresses (e.g.:,,,, etc.)
  • You receive requests for sensitive personal information such as Social Security Number, account numbers, or requests to access accounts or transfer any funds or to make or receive payments to or from a third party of any kind

Penske Never:

  • Sends unsolicited job offers or employment contracts of any kind
  • Requires any fees, payments, purchases, or access to any of your financial, banking, or any other types of accounts

Penske Career Applicants:

  • Must apply to jobs online via our websites for consideration (i.e.,, www.penske.jobsor
  • Must interview with a Penske representative before the extension of any job offer
  • Please note: legitimate email addresses from Penske Transportation Solutions, Penske Truck Leasing or Penske Logistics representatives will end in and not in any other form.

Helpful Resources

As mentioned above, the Federal Trade Commission provides consumers with free tips and information on how to avoid being scammed online and what to do if you feel you have been scammed.

You may view those tips and information via the Federal Trade Commission's website. If you have been scammed online, you may also report the crime through the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Internet Crime Complaint Center's website.

Questions? We're Here to Help.

If you ever have any questions regarding the authenticity of any communication sent purportedly by or on behalf of Penske's Human Resources Department or members of its recruiting team, please contact us at 1-855-297-3675.

By "Move Ahead" Staff