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Transportation Planning Maximizes Warehouse Efficiency

Transportation Planning Maximizes Warehouse Efficiency

Since the economic upturn began post-recession, overall warehouse demand within the supply chain has outpaced supply. Many industry insiders believe that supply is beginning to catch up with demand. Yet managing inventory, warehouse space and transportation remains important.

Inventory control and warehouse management are among the top ways transportation management drives a competitive advantage in the ever-challenging economic and commercial landscape. To help reduce costs, streamline the supply chain and provide reliable service, Penske Logistics has developed the ClearChainTM technology suite. ClearChain connects transportation providers with the warehouse to provide a more comprehensive view of the overall supply chain.

Effective transportation management carefully considers material availability and order fulfillment requirements, thus ensuring warehouse capacity and effective resource utilization. Attempting to “levelize” the flow through a distribution center or inbound to manufacturing can help control overall logistics costs. Additionally, some level of predictability helps source carriers.

View shipping updates in real time

With individual loads, ClearChain can drill down to the part-level details so people within the supply chain can see what is being shipped, where it is, compare the quantity ordered to the actual number that shipped, and track and trace loads to monitor their status. Penske also can configure ClearChain so customers receive real-time notifications related to loads, such as when a load is picked up, enters a certain geographical area or is delayed. The end user can choose an alert preference—email or text. This will allow the warehouse to be ready when a load arrives.

In addition, GPS technology allows Penske Logistics to track a load every step of the way, and it can provide advance notices to the receiver if discrepancies exist between what was ordered and what was shipped.

Make informed labor decisions

Improved visibility also allows users to optimize the warehouse's labor force. Warehouse labor can be planned by working backward from the shipment dispatch time provided by the transportation manager, ensuring employees are available when and where they are needed.

In today’s operating environment, transportation management is no longer just about moving freight at the lowest possible cost. Instead, it’s about value. ClearChain provides numerous applications that collect and share data to deliver value and help you make actionable decisions.

Get strategic

Bob Daymon, vice president of freight management operations at Penske Logistics, identified warehouse management as one of 10 key strategies Penske Logistics uses. Combined, these strategies turn data into actionable, value-added information, shape advance planning, enhance strategic decision making, and allow you to minimize disruptions and streamline operations.

By "Move Ahead" Staff