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Penske Logistics South America Expands Business with Natura

Penske Logistics South America Expands Business with Natura

Penske Logistics South America has secured expanded business withNatura, one of the top makers of skin care, cosmetics, perfume, hair care and other beauty products in Brazil. Penske is now overseeing the integrated warehouse management of finished products and raw materials for Natura in Cajamar (SP).

The new distribution center, located at the Penske Logistics complex in Cajamar, has an area of 18,500 m² and employs 35 associates, who are responsible for storing raw materials and finished products to supply Natura’s factory in the city. Its warehouse in Jundiaí is responsible for distributing Natura products across the country.

Penske holds a license from the Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (National Health Surveillance Agency Brazil) and has developed product handling solutions in accordance with the specifications of Natura and government agencies.

Penske carefully manages products within its warehousing operations with the aid of an on-site pharmacist responsible for overseeing processes that ensure regulatory compliance.

This includes product shelf-life, health conditions, hygiene, and packaging. Penske’s ANVISA license enables it to handle, store and transport items such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, health care products, hygiene, personal care, food and related products.

Penske has been Natura’s logistics operator since 2011 and is located in the South region with a distribution center in São José dos Pinhais (PR).

Currently the distribution center in São José dos Pinhais has 10,700 m² and a capacity of processing applications for 9,500 volumes per day and storage of 3,800 pallets, enabling a faster delivery of products for thousands of Natura consultants in Paraná and Santa Catarina.

Paulo Sarti, managing director for Penske Logistics South America stated: “this new project is rewarding. We have shown that successful relationships, as we have with Natura, are due to the fact that we are connected and attentive to the characteristics and peculiarities of each of our clients, delivering positive results and going beyond expectations to bring continuous improvements.”

By “Move Ahead” Staff