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Winter Truck Driving Tips

Winter Truck Driving Tips

Old Man Winter is soon coming back, so it’s important to prepare for the season’s hazardous conditions and review some basic commercial truck driving winter safety tips.

Remember, the three P’s of safe winter driving are prepare for the trip, protect yourself and prevent crashes on the road.

Each year, Penske Truck Leasing offers winter driving tips to help you prepare for the wintry weather.

  1. Maintain your vehicle. Do a proper pre-trip inspection to make sure all systems are working properly.
  2. Clear snow and ice from all windows, lights, hood and roof. Don’t forget the trailer, too.
  3. Make sure all lights on the vehicle - inside and out - are working properly.
  4. Road salt and winter sludge tends to cover lights, reducing visibility. Make sure headlights and tail lights are cleaned frequently.
  5. Use extra caution when traveling across bridges and overpasses. They freeze before the road.
  6. Listen to weather reports and allow extra time to reach your destination.
  7. Stock your vehicle with basic supplies like warm clothing, blankets, flashlights, extra food, bottled water, road flares and a first aid kit.
  8. Increase distance between other vehicles on the road and leave plenty of room for stopping.
  9. Slow down and reduce speed by 50 percent on slick surfaces.
  10. Be aware of wind conditions and load weight.
  11. Keep your tank full. A half-full tank can lead to water condensation in the fuel line.
  12. Avoid fatigue and get plenty of rest before a trip.

Penske has safety specialists throughout North America with additional safety information specific to your region. Contact your Penske sales representative to request a Penske driver safety meeting for your fleet.

Have a winter driving tip not mentioned here? Post it in the comments.

By Kathleen Walter