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Truck Safety: Pay Attention to Low-Clearance Warnings

Truck Safety: Pay Attention to Low-Clearance Warnings

Have you ever seen a YouTube video of a rental truck driving under a low bridge, only to have its roof peeled off like a sardine can? One second the truck is moving briskly down the road, and then in an instant, the truck comes to an abrupt halt as the roof is torn away.

For professional truck drivers or consumers driving rental trucks, this situation is not only embarrassing but it's also very dangerous. Hitting an overpass, bridge, railroad trestle, or low overhang with a truck may also result in fines or citations.

Penske Truck Rental encourages all drivers to be aware of their surroundings, know their vehicle's proper height clearance when driving a truck, and remember to keep an eye out for low clearance warning signs. These warnings are extremely important for your safety and for the safety of others.

"Customers need to be aware that looks may be deceiving," said Evan Gamboa, Penske’s branch rental manager in New York. "It may look like you’ll fit under that bridge, but look for the clearance sign carefully to be sure. This isn’t the way you want to become a YouTube star."

Gamboa also advises that truck rental drivers should make careful note of their truck’s clearance before they embark upon their move.

Penske Truck Rental also recommends consumers consider one purchasing of its optional protection plans that cover accidental vehicle damage, including those associated with low-clearance mishaps.

By Tony Kozuch