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Penske’s Mike Barnes to Discuss Electric Vehicle Charging Station Infrastructure on GNA Virtual Platforms

During the month of September, Mike Barnes, senior manager of regional facilities for Penske Transportation Solutions, will discuss his work with the company's heavy-duty electric vehicle charging station infrastructure, as part of a pair of Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA) online events. Barnes is based in Phoenix.

September 10: GNA's Advanced Clean Tech News is hosting a webinar, Get Ready to Charge: Designing and Installing Charging Stations that Support Medium- and Heavy-Duty EVs. Representatives from Southern California Edison, the Electrification Coalition and GNA will join Barnes on the panel. Click here to register.

September 22: Barnes will take part in this ACT Virtual (Advanced Clean Transportation) event entitled, Best Practices in Scaling EV infrastructure for Fleet Operations. Also speaking alongside Barnes are experts from the Electrification Coalition, Greenlots and PACCAR. Access additional information here.

The Penske-sponsored State of Sustainable Fleets Report, which includes a section on battery electric vehicles, can be downloaded here at no cost.

By "Move Ahead" Staff