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Penske Truck Rental Ahead of Schedule with LED Headlight Retrofit

Penske Truck Rental is ahead of schedule with its planned retrofitting of 5,000 commercial semi-tractors with cutting edge custom LED headlights from Truck-Lite, an initiative it announced in late November of 2012. Penske Truck Rental is the first company to offer these LED headlights.“Retrofitting has gone exceedingly well and by month’s end we will have approximately 3,000 units completed available to rent within our fleet,” said Penske’s Don Mikes, Senior Vice President of Truck Rental. “The response to these new lights has been good and truck drivers really like the added visibility.”

Contact Penske to request more information about custom LED headlights in your truck fleet.

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****Video Courtesy of Truck-Lite****

By Randy Ryerson