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A healthcare professional holds surgical kits.

Healthcare Solutions

How healthcare professionals can take advantage of commercial rental trucks

Personal healthcare is centered around the patient and encompasses many aspects of health and wellness. Yet professions within this industry are wide reaching and can include immunization clinics, the delivery of linens and surgical kits, transporting medical equipment and more. If you’re part of the healthcare industry or work within it, here are some ways you might use rental trucks to make your job a little easier.

1. Immunization Clinic Transportation

Use rental trucks like our versatile and easy-to-drive 12-foot box truck to transport necessities, including up to 120 medium-sized boxes of blood pressure devices, paperwork, vaccine brochures, hand sanitizer and more, to your off-campus mobile flu or vaccine clinic. For temperature-sensitive vaccines, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in their Vaccine and Storage Handling Kit, recommends renting a refrigerated commercial truck for transportation and storage.

2. Linens, Surgical Kit Delivery

Many hospitals outsource the management of linens and other medical supplies, like IV bags and surgical kits, to off-site companies to save time and money while ensuring quality care. But during busy times, even outsourced companies need a little help keeping up with the demands of the healthcare industry. That’s when renting a Penske truck makes sense. Our 18- to 22-foot step van with shelves makes organizing and delivering linens and kits easy. Plus, with over 1,000 cu. ft. of loading space, you’ll be able to transport over 160 large boxes of supplies at a time.

3. Disaster Relief Support

Engage in disaster relief efforts and use rental trucks to transport medical kits, equipment, linens, water and more. If your company is going the distance to help others, think about going big with a heavy-duty tractor-trailer rental. A 48-foot trailer can carry approximately 48 stackable pallets of donated food, water, medical kits and other needed supplies.

4. Moving Medical Equipment and Furniture

Working to revamp a hospital space? Whether you’re moving medical equipment in or out, or ensuring patient comfort with new furniture, a rental truck from Penske is just what you need to keep things running smoothly. Our 22- to 26- foot trucks provide ample room along with a liftgate/ramp to make moving heavy or bulky items that much easier.

5. Setting Up Shop, Moving Practices

Moving out of a larger healthcare building or setting up your own practice? We have a truck for that. If you’re moving larger objects like exam tables, scales, wheelchairs, ultrasound machines and more, opt for a larger vehicle like a 16- or 18-foot cab-over truck so you can move everything in one trip. However, if you’re only transporting office supplies and other smaller items, the spacious electric high-roof cargo van gets you and your materials there while saving money on fuel.