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Food and Beverage Delivery Solutions

How supermarkets, restaurants, and other food and beverage businesses can take advantage of rental trucks

Food and beverage professionals rely on rental trucks to efficiently meet transportation needs. Rental trucks provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for businesses in food-focused industries to transport goods, supplies and products between various locations.

Are you part of the food and beverage industry? Do you manage a supermarket, run a restaurant, or deliver food for a living? Keep reading for valuable tips on how rental vehicles can help increase efficiency and improve your daily operations.

Deliver Products Efficiently

Rental trucks are commonly used to deliver food and beverage products to supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, convenience stores and other retail outlets. These trucks allow your business to transport large quantities of goods in a single trip, ensuring timely and efficient delivery to meet customer demands. Penske’s temperature-controlled 16 ft. reefer truck and 18 to 26 ft. box truck are available to transport perishable items such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products and frozen foods. For non-perishable goods, the 12 ft. box truck has 450 cu. ft. of loading space and can hold approximately 120 medium-sized boxes of product.

Make Restocking Easy With the Right Truck

Supermarkets and grocery stores regularly need to restock shelves to ensure an ample supply of grocery items. When a supermarket runs low on specific products, and a shipment or last mile delivery isn’t scheduled for another few days, a rental truck can pick up additional stock from suppliers or distribution centers to replenish store shelves. This helps maintain a consistent supply of goods and prevents shortages. With 1,700 cu. ft. of loading space, a forklift package, a liftgate, and a ramp with up to a 3,000 lb. capacity, Penske’s 22 to 26 ft. box truck (available in both CDL and non-CDL) may be the perfect choice depending on the quantity of stock needed. Our electric cargo van may be the most cost-effective vehicle if you only need a few things to hold you over until the next scheduled delivery. And with enough room to fit 30 to 40 medium-sized boxes, you can save money on fuel while driving the practical option.

Manage Community Events With a Rental Truck

Restaurants and supermarkets often require transportation for catering services and events, especially weddings, corporate functions and parties. Rental trucks allow you to transport food, beverages, equipment and staff to the event venue quickly and efficiently.

Occasionally, grocery stores will also participate in community events, fairs or exhibitions, setting up temporary stalls or booths to promote catering services. Rental trucks can transport equipment, display materials and merchandise to such events, providing a convenient way to transport everything at once. This ensures a smooth setup and teardown process. Penske’s cargo van or high-roof cargo van make sense for these types of functions. With enough loading space to load food samples, store banners, literature and other décor, you can fit your event needs into an efficient, easy-to-drive, extended-length van.

Distribute Food Service Ingredients With Ease

Rental trucks also play a crucial role in the food service sector of the industry, where they’re used to distribute food and supplies to restaurants, hotels, cafeterias and other food service establishments. These trucks ensure that your ingredients and products reach their destinations promptly, enabling smooth operations for food service businesses. To keep multiple orders separated and easy to find, Penske’s delivery van with shelves, delivery truck with shelves and side door, or 18 to 22 ft. step van with shelves are ready and available.

Meet the Demands of Different Seasons

Food and beverage companies see a significant surge in demand for specific products during peak seasons and holidays. Rental trucks can help your food and beverage business temporarily scale up delivery operations to meet increased customer demand. This is particularly useful for transporting bulk orders, party supplies and seasonal items – like turkeys at Thanksgiving or chocolates at Valentine’s Day. This ensures that products are readily available to customers even during busy periods. If you already own a delivery truck but need to upsize to meet an increase in seasonal demand, Penske has plenty of larger vehicles. Our 22 to 26 ft. box truck can hold up to 10,000 lbs. of payload, while our 53 ft. trailer can hold approximately 26 to 30 non-stackable pallets of product.

Manage Store Renovations and Equipment Transport

When a supermarket or restaurant undergoes renovations or remodeling, it may need to relocate its inventory temporarily. In these situations, rental trucks enable your business to transport products to alternative storage facilities or other store locations during renovation.

In addition, rental trucks can transport or temporarily store equipment, machinery and fixtures. This includes refrigeration units, display racks, shelving, checkout counters, seating and other items necessary for operations. Rental vehicles like Penske’s 48 and 53 ft. dry van trailers provide a practical solution for safely and efficiently moving these bulky items to a separate location or storing them onsite until renovations are complete.

Overall, rental trucks are an integral part of the food and beverage industry, providing your business with reliable and efficient transportation for goods and supplies. They allow you to adjust your fleet size based on fluctuating demand, avoid the high upfront costs of purchasing and maintaining trucks, and access a wide range of vehicle types and sizes to suit your specific needs.