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Couple Moving Boxes

Making the Move after “I Do”: Easy Moving Tips for Newlyweds

You've made it down the aisle, now it's time to cross the threshold and build a home together.

But the logistics of merging two lives into one can be just as stressful as planning the perfect wedding day. Many newlyweds will combine living spaces post nuptials, which can make moving day seem pretty daunting. So, where do you start?

Penske Truck Rental has assembled some tips for a move that is as harmonious as your wedding day.


  • Take "inventory" – Evaluate your items and decide what will come with you to your new home. Remember, fewer items require a smaller truck and will keep your moving costs down.
  • Discard or donate – Eliminate duplicate items, especially if you received upgraded or new items as wedding gifts, and host a yard sale or donate items you're willing to part with before your move.
  • Walk down memory lane together – Keep in mind that many items we keep in our homes have sentimental or emotional value. You're a team now! Make decisions about items together.


  • Stay organized – Group items by room or item type (i.e., photo frames or wall décor) to stay organized when loading the moving truck and unpacking your new home.
  • Label boxes – List the contents of each box, so they're easily identifiable on the moving truck.
  • Protect your items – Use sturdy boxes and packing bubbles or towels to protect fragile items. Penske offers a variety of moving boxes and supplies to make sure you're ready for moving day. If you're still unpacking wedding gifts, keep the items in their original packaging to protect them on the moving truck. This is a great reminder to send thank-you notes to your wedding guests, too!


  • Pick a truck – When picking a moving truck, a good rule is to plan for 150 cubic feet of space for every fully furnished room. Many couples moving from a small apartment or condo into a larger home will find that a 12- or 16-foot Penske rental truck is more than adequate for their belongings. Penske's Truck Wizard can also provide a customized recommendation for the type of truck you will need.
  • Pack strategically – Begin by packing the largest items (i.e., bed, couch, dresser) into the truck first to ensure they will fit, then follow with the heaviest boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top. This is when your box labels come in handy!
  • Build a team – Ask a few friends or family members to help on moving day. Not only will you have extra strength and manpower for those heavier items, but you can pack and unload your moving truck faster, too.

With among the newest fleets in the industry, Penske Truck Rental provides do-it-yourself movers with clean, well-maintained and reliable trucks; towing devices; moving equipment and 24/7 roadside assistance.

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By Hope Reginella