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Social Media Use Rising in Logistics

While Facebook and logistics are not two words often used in the same sentence, many third-party logistics companies are beginning to explore the use of social media tools for their companies, according to the 18th Annual Survey of Third-Party Logistics Providers. The survey was presented October 4 by its author Dr. Robert Lieb, professor of supply chain management at Northeastern University. The report was underwritten by Penske Logistics.

According to the survey, third-party logistics providers are generally optimistic about the value of social media activities moving forward, in spite of the impact of these activities having been limited to date.

“Social media is still in its infancy in respect to this industry," explained Dr. Lieb. “There are clearly many ways to implement social media that are currently not being widely utilized in the industry at this point. I believe we can be confident that social media tools will become more significant to the industry over next several years."

LinkedIn proves to be the most popular tool for the leaders that were surveyed, as 64 percent of their companies have LinkedIn accounts. Forty-seven percent of companies have Facebook pages and 36 percent have Twitter accounts.

Similarly Penske Logistics, Penske Truck Leasing and Penske Truck Rental are all using social media via several social networks including its blog "Move Ahead", LinkedIn for product marketing, sales and recruiting, Twitter for media relations, customer service and recruiting and Facebook for special truck rental offers and promotions, as well as recruiting and news updates.

Social Media 3PL Stats at a Glance

The 18th Annual Survey of Third-Party Logistics Providers found:

  • 64% have LinkedIn accounts
  • 47% have Facebook pages
  • 36% have Twitter accounts
  • 28% post videos on YouTube
  • 17% maintain blogs

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By Sabrina Michaeli, Porter Novelli