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Penske Logistics Europe Uses Solar Panels to Energize Warehouse

Penske Logistics Europe has installed nearly 800 solar panels atop its multi-client warehouse that goes a long way in powering the building’s operations. The 200,000 square-foot building is located in Roosendaal, The Netherlands.

“This is a great next step in corporate social responsibility,” explained Piet Zoutendijk, managing director for Penske Logistics Europe.

“By switching to solar energy, we can further reduce CO2 emissions,” he stated. “In a typical year, the building uses about 300,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity. These panels will provide 230,000 kwh of solar energy. On sunny days, when the output exceeds the usage, we give energy back to the network.”

Previously, the company discontinued use of a fuel station and underground tanks, and retrofitted the building with LED lighting.

Penske is a member of the Green Freight Europe program.

By “Move Ahead” Staff