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Penske Logistics DCM Leader to Present at Warehousing Conference

Eric Hepburn,Penske Logistics vice president of distribution center management, will conduct a solo presentation at the upcoming Warehouse Education and Research Council (WERC) annual conference, taking place in Orlando, Florida, May 3 to May 6.

In his 30-minute talk on May 5, Turn Your Warehouse on Its Head, Hepburn will highlight how successful labor management programs make use of: technology; engineering; strong planning and best practices; training and coaching; and employee incentivizing to drive continuous improvements.

Hepburn columns on “Move Ahead” include tips to running a safer distribution center, how small DC changes can equal larger rewards, and benefits that come with walking the warehouse.

Editor's Update May 26, 2015

Read a recap of the concepts discussed during the WERC presentation in an article titled: An Efficient Warehouse: More than Just Software found on for more insights.


By “Move Ahead” Staff