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Penske Truck Leasing Can Upgrade Your Fleet

A great way to upgrade a fleet is to ascertain the worth of its existing units. Utilizing multiple market intelligence sources, and Penske's proprietary data collected over years of selling and maintaining all types of vehicles, Penske can provide a detailed and accurate evaluation of the vehicles.

Use this form to provide details about a vehicle, and within a few business days, receive a fair and competitive offer. There's no obligation.

If an upgrade is part of the business plan, the Penske Sell2Lease program may be a perfect fit. The transportation company's program offers an easy way for businesses to get out of existing trucks and into new, top-of-the-line leased vehicles from Penske.

Program benefits includes:

  • Financial flexibility: Selling an existing fleet eliminates carrying costs, which frees up capital for the business.
  • A guaranteed sale:No matter a fleet's age or condition, Penske will buy the vehicles, eliminating the difficulty of selling.
  • A fair and competitive offer: Penske will present a fair and competitive offer that makes sense for the business.
  • A quick and simple transaction: Penske provides valuation of the vehicles within one business day, and will handle all of the paperwork throughout the sales process.
  • Cost savings: Without additional expenses, such as advertising the vehicle or refurbishing it prior to sale, saving money, time and the hassle of trying to sell them.

By "Move Ahead" Staff