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For over 50 years, Penske has kept fleets, supply chains and businesses moving forward. From uptown to cross country and any direction you need, our transportation and logistics solutions have you covered. Because when it’s your business on the line, you have everything to lose but even more to gain.

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commercial truck rental, full-service leasing and maintenance, logistics solutions for companies in a wide variety of industries.

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We continue to prove that uptime is the only time we know. Whether you’re nationwide or single-location, our commercial rental fleet can meet your needs.

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We bring a lot to the table. Our full-service leasing options keep your business moving and customers smiling. We’ll analyze your transportation needs to ensure you have the right equipment, then tailor preventive maintenance for each vehicle. And because you can’t get the most out of your vehicles if you don’t have the data, we provide technology solutions like Fleet Insight™ to provide real-time updates on your fleet, helping you gain visibility and efficiency at every point.

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Minimize risk with contract maintenance

The business world is full of unknowns. Our contract maintenance programs can help keep transportation-related risks to a minimum so you can focus on your core competencies. To decrease downtime, we tailor preventive maintenance to each vehicle, ensuring that we provide the right care at the right time, diagnosing and treating problems before they become problems.
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— Gregg Richard, President
P.C. Richard & Son

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we sell used Penske trucks ready to fit your fleet needs.

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Penske Delivers Results-Oriented Logistics Solutions

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You can’t charge into the future without a full charge. That’s why new commercial vehicles for the Penske EV fleet are being designed and deployed at a rapid pace. Download our Leasing Technology eBook to learn how we’re leading the pack in sustainability by lowering emissions and increasing efficiency.

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Penske offers customized transportation and logistics solutions to fit your operation. Drawing from real-time data to optimize shipments, minimize disruptions and improve fleet efficiency, we engineer solutions to fit your operation. Don’t settle for “off-the-shelf.” Instead, partner with Penske.

Penske Delivers Results-Oriented Logistics Solutions

Customer Story: PPG Industries

See how PPG partners with Penske Logistics to optimize their supply chain and deliver goods to market on time.

4 ways Supply Chain Visibility drives results

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