Defining a sales process is crucial to helping our business grow. The Penske sales process contains the most effective and efficient series of activities to identify, qualify, and close deals. It creates very specific outcomes for each stage, focusing on one deal at a time and intends to increase close ratios, reduce sales cycle times, increase margins and improve pipeline accuracy.

Our sales process includes 5 stages:

Throughout this microsite, we've mapped out the key steps in each stage. We've also supplied a vast array of tools and guidance to:

  • Help with effective fact finding
  • Access the latest and most up-to-date versions of our capabilities and proposal decks
  • Gain visibility and access to all key corporate programs or initiatives, including Rental Conversions, Quick Delivery, etc.
  • Obtain necessary ROI, CVA and Sell2Lease tools

To get started, click through the tabs of each stage to review the necessary steps and exit criteria. Examine and take advantage of the recommended activities and supporting documents.

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