London Dunlap, Lease Sales Representative

With Penske since 2002

Before coming to Penske, I had played professional football. I wasn't necessarily fresh out of college, and I knew I needed to get involved with a company that had opportunities for growth. I could see that Penske was about developing its employees' skills, and it was a stable company that offered an essential service: consulting businesses on selecting the right equipment to cost-effectively get their products to their customers.

I started out as a management trainee and thought I would go into operations, but my mentor felt that I could do really well in sales. I decided to pursue sales, and today I'm a lease sales representative in charge of 68 accounts in my region. Those businesses look forward to talking to me to resolve their issues, strains and stresses. So I really feel like I'm helping people. You take a load off their shoulders by maintaining their vehicles, and they look to you to be their transportation specialist. That's the biggest thing I like about my work at Penske—being able to make their businesses run smoother.

Every day, I deal with a new challenge. You've got to be open-minded and really self-driven to be successful in this business. It's not an easy industry, but it is a fulfilling industry. It's fast-paced. You have to continuously stay humble. I've been at Penske for six years and I always learn something, if not several things, daily. It's a great company, and I love what I do.

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London Dunlap

London Dunlap,
Lease Sales Representative With Penske since 2002

"I really feel like I'm helping people."