Joe Lawless, District Manager

With Penske since 2001

I started at Penske when I was still in college, working at the call center part time. I didn't know much about the business, and I'd never thought about working at Penske, but when I got into the culture and the environment, I loved it. I love the competitive nature of our business. It was really exciting to me.

After college, I began working full time as a telephone sales rep. I would follow up with consumers looking for one-way rentals. After about two years, I took a management trainee position in Alexandria, Va.

Penske offers really extensive training, whether it be online or in the classroom. I've had quality training, diversity training, Socratic sales skills training and got a Green Belt in Six Sigma. And I continue to get updates from HR about upcoming training courses I might want to take advantage of.

One of the things I like best about working at Penske is the opportunity for relocation. The opportunities are endless if you want to put the time in and take advantage of the training we have available. I've had the opportunity to live and work in places like Washington, D.C.; Boston, Mass.; Providence, R.I.; Syracuse, N.Y. and Hartford, Conn.

In my current position, I don't think I ever have a typical day. I travel a lot. One day I'll be in Norwalk, Conn., and the next day I'll be in Boston. It's always something different, something new to learn. The district manager position is flat out the best job in the company, period—because you work with so many different great people. I've developed really strong relationships with the people I've worked with. It certainly becomes like a family, your home away from home.

Penske's a whole lot more than just trucks. What we really do is provide a service. Whether it's for a household or a commercial customer, we provide a transportation service that's the best in the industry, and we do it in an environment that's constantly changing, and we're always finding newer and better ways to do it. It's not just renting a truck. It's helping move someone's life.

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Joe Lawless

Joe Lawless,
District Manager With Penske since 2001

"It's not just renting a truck. It's helping move someone's life."