Delphia Howze, Manager of Workforce Diversity

With Penske Since 2008

Presented with a wonderful opportunity to make positive changes, I relocated my family to Reading, Pa., to accept Penske’s newly created Manager of Workforce Diversity position. I was excited to join the team to share my 10 years of diversity and inclusion experience.

I like working with people, and diversity is all about people. I enjoy helping associates understand the importance of diversity and how to leverage their differences toward productivity. I like being a change-agent and helping associates value different perspectives. I appreciate having the opportunity to train associates and impact them in meaningful ways. One such way is through my involvement in Penske’s efforts to develop affinity groups, including the Women’s Network.

Penske has an entrepreneurial spirit. The company is willing to accept associates’ different perspectives to remain competitive in the marketplace. My leadership team has been supportive of my concepts to increase diversity awareness. They’re open to new ideas and encourage fresh thinking.

I’m proud of the diversity and inclusion tools and programs I’ve implemented or enhanced, including a newsletter, mentoring program, diversity training program, awareness calendar and recruitment strategies. These tools and programs will have a profound impact on the organization as we move forward. Managers approach me regularly about diversity and inclusion and ask me to speak to their teams about its importance. Seeing the positive results of my work keeps me motivated.

One of my greatest opportunities to advance diversity and inclusion efforts has been working with Penske’s Diversity and Inclusion Council. The council actively supports Penske’s efforts to promote a work environment that is diverse, inclusive and respectful.

Delphia enjoys spending time with family, gardening, biking and running.

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Delphia Howze

Delphia Howze,
Manager of Workforce DiversityWith Penske Since 2008

"I like working with people, and diversity is all about people."