Paulo Sarti, Managing Director, Penske Logistics in Brazil

With Penske Since 2004

I joined Penske in January 2004. At the time, Penske was a small company in Brazil, but with many opportunities to grow. I started as a director of sales, then was promoted as an officer of the company and got assigned an additional area, which was engineering. In August of 2008, I moved to operations as senior director of operations. Since January 2011, I am the managing director. The company grew over three times in that period.

Since then, every day it is something new, there is absolutely no routine. I can be visiting our operations in the north and northeast of Brazil, I can be meeting clients in São Paulo, I can be talking to our associates and gathering feedback on opportunities to improve. And in terms of my career development, I have a lot of opportunities. I learn every day and I learn a lot.

Penske values their associates. I know people who have been working for the company for 20, 25, even 30 years. They are very loyal to the company – and the company is also very loyal to the associates. Despite the size of the company, it is like a family. People meet on the weekends. We celebrate birthdays together.

Penske is very customer focused and is very concerned about ethics in business. What we deliver is service of quality. It doesn’t matter if it’s trucks or warehouses or whatever. Our customers know that Penske really has a commitment to their business and their success. Their goals will be our goals, and they value that. The culture here is focused on the customer.

Paulo’s passion outside of work is running. He trains with coworkers for 10k races and marathons as part of a Penske running team.

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Paulo Sarti

Paulo Sarti,
Managing Director, Penske Logistics in BrazilWith Penske Since 2004

"I learn every day and I learn a lot"