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What Do You Love About Being a Freight Broker?

What Do You Love About Being a Freight Broker?

The transportation industry has a wonderful legacy of entrepreneurs and innovators. However, not every legendary tale is of someone whose new business start-up became one of the household names we all know today. There are many lesser-known success stories out there including freight brokers.

These are folks who may have learned the business working for a larger carrier or broker and then set out on their own as a small business enterprise.

Many of the freight brokers I talk with light up when they speak of how they enjoy the fast-paced environment. How they just thrive on the challenge of making successful matches between shippers and carriers – sort of like fitting together the pieces of a puzzle.

Still, the responsibilities of running your own brokerage business can be very difficult at times. A few common themes I often hear include:

  • Collecting Money: It is tough enough to make ends meet as a small business person, but when shippers take their time paying freight bills it can be downright frustrating.
  • Cold Calling: You need a thick skin to be a broker but no one really loves the day-to-day rejection associated with cold-calling.
  • Late Night Calls: Today’s shippers are so focused on load tracking. Doesn’t anyone sleep through the night anymore?
  • Surety Bonds Requirements: Just the latest regulation changes to come along adding complexity and costs.
  • Health Insurance: Ugh. Enough said.

Well, if you really want to focus on what you love about being a freight broker, Penske Logistics might be the place for you to come to work as a freight broker. Or if you own a small brokerage and would like to operate as part of Penske, contact Chuck Papa (

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By Andy Moses

Moses is senior vice president of global products for Penske Logistics and can be reached here. He is based at Penske’s global headquarters in Reading, Pa.